Rabczańskie Wieści Pozarządowe

Jak się podobało gościom w Rabce ?

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24 People travelled from Frome to Rabka-Zdrój for Quadripartite 2013:

Frome Town Council:

Mayor – Dickon Moore

Mayor for Young People- Cara Honey

Paul Wynne – Frome Town Council

Frome Twinning Association:

Damon Hooton – Chairman

Claire Hudson

Alan Glover – Vice Chairman

Criss Glover

Justin Worringham

Sue Worringham

Sue Rees

Jenny Dale

Margaret Brulais

Freda Green

Fiona Green

Frome Collegians Football Team:

Adrian Marchment – Coach

Rob Hayward – Coach

Charlie Hayward

Ryan Flagg

Ben Griffiths

Ellis McDonald

Josh Howe

Nathan Hamer

Taylor Davis

Lewis Connor

Day 1 – Thursday 25 July 2013

The Party assembled at Bristol Airport for the Easyjet Flight to Krakow, collection by coach and onward transfer to Rabka, this went extremely smoothly and, having wheeled suitcases up the steep hill from the road to the accommodation, the party was met by Karolina Janiszewska, Rabka’s Twinning Officer and accommodation was allocated. This proved equally straightforward and when all were settled in and initial briefing given, the rest of the day was free to explore the town etc.

Day 2 – Friday 26 July 2013

After breakfast the official opening ceremony took place in the Victoria Restaurant followed by the town presentation on the theme of the weekend – How we treat our Senior Citizens” (Translated as what is the provision for elderly care in each of the towns), Mayor Dickon Moore gave the Frome presentation which was well delivered even though the speech was a little too political (ie how great the IfF are). All four speeches were informative and I believe we can take positives from the other towns in how they treat their senior citizens.

Guests were then either walked or were taken by bus to lunch in the town centre. The party then divided, Damon, Alan, Paul, Dickon & Cara attended the business meeting and the remainder of the party either had free time or went on a guided tour of Rabka.

Business Meeting. The main focus of the meeting was Thematic Networking which was discussed and issues around funding, control and timelines were discussed. A further report on Thematic.

Networking will follow when FTA and FTC have clarified areas of responsibility but essentially, Frome will host a Renewable Energy Conference in late September 2014 and this will be funded by both EU

Grant and subscriptions.

Guided Tour of Rabka. This was well attended and proved very enlightening as Rabka have

undergone significant public works since our last visit in 2009, the improvements are fabulous and really do enhance parts of the town, mainly the park and also includes a replacement Amphitheatre.

In the evening a BBQ was held at the German accommodation which was well attended and included dancing by Majeranki Dance Group and involved participation by guests, Damon has photographs for sharing on Dropbox.

Day 3 – Saturday 27 July 2013

This was the day trip day, with half of the Frome delegation travelling to Krakow and the other half to Zakopane. These proved highly successful, entertaining, informative and highly enjoyable.

The evening was free time with Rabka providing entertainment in the park – a band, dancing, food and a bar, this was well attended by everybody and it was very late when people departed for their accommodation having had a fabulous day.

Day 4 – Sunday 28 July 2013

The main focus of this day was the closing ceremony, the football tournament and the mountain walk, in turn:

Church Service and Closing ceremony. This took place in the wooden church and was well attended.

Cara Honey gave the first reading and Damon Hooton the second reading, following this, Mayor Dickon Moore together with his three counterparts, gave the respective closing sppeches and thanked our hold town for their hospitality, we were then treated to a concert by Majeranki, which proved entertaining as they only had a very small space in which to perform, which caused some alarm, as the Mayor’s all had to move back rapidly to avoid the axes swinging in their direction!

Following lunch, the party then departed for their respective afternoon activity:

The Mountain Walk. As I didn’t attend this, I will leave it to Alan Glover and Justin Worringham to provide a report for the next Newsletter on the walk and the issues that arose from it! The Football Tournament. This took place in 40 degree temperature which proved energy sapping but didn’t prevent a really good afternoon’s football. In short, the only girls match was won 2-1 by Rabka over Murrhardt. The Boys tournament was won by Frome who beat Rabka 3-1, ChâteauGontier 10-0 and Murrhardt 2-1 in the tournament deciding match with Ben Griffiths being awarded man of the tournament. Well done to Frome Collegians.

In the evening a significant part of the Frome delegation enjoyed a celebration dinner at a local Pizza Restaurant with the owner providing some free refreshments. This was followed by another trip to the park for an evening of music, dancing and enjoying good company, again, Rabka laid on food and a bar.

There were other activities during the day and again, I’ll leave it to Alan and Justin to provide details of these in the next newsletter.

Day 5 – Monday 29 July 2013.

Following breakfast the delegation departed Rabka, being seen off by Karolina. Half the group were deposited in Krakow for a few additional days holiday with the other half travelling to the Airport to return home. On the flight home, Easyjet made an announcement on the plane congratulating the football team for their success and the plane gave them a well-deserved round of applause.

General Comments:

Overall, this trip was so much better than 2009 for reasons too numerous to mention and credit should go to Rabka-Zdrój for holding an extremely successful Quadripartite given they did not obtain an EU grant.

As Chairman I would like to thank those members who travelled to Poland and those who did not but still gave such outstanding support to those who did.

I will be writing to Rabka-Zdrój, Frome Collegians and also Frome Community College to make those organisations aware of the success of the trip and also the pride they can take in their contribution to a highly successful event.

Further information can be obtained by emailing or telephoning me should you wish to do so.

Kind regards

Damon Hooton


20 August 2013

Rabka July 2013 additional reports

Both Criss and myself really enjoyed the weekend in Rabka. The people were wonderful, friendly and approachable. Only disappointment was that there were no inter-reaction with Polish 'twinners’, but I’m sure this will get better as time goes on. Our accommodation was ok, the choice of food was little different, to say the least. Great if you love cheese, bread fish for breakfast! and also at dinner for Criss (vegi!). The mountain walk was a nice long walk in the heat of 30 plus deg, not much shelter whilst walking up to top of mountain. Were annoyed that the leader did not wait for those that were lagging behind. When did eventually get to top within 15mins he decided that we all heading back down. On hearing this we promptly told him, oh no we not we only just got here. So they went off

and we had to find our own way back. Lovely views when you walking up and at the top.

Would suggest that Rabka try and put all towns up in one place, this will be even better for meeting and making new friends. Had a lovely few days in Krakow before flying back home.

Looking forward to Château-Gontier next year Alan Glover

On Saturday night, Rabka put on a concert in their impressive new amphitheatre for the benefit of the Twin Town visitors but to which all Rabka residents were invited. The concert started with a local choir singing both traditional songs and modern music unaccompanied. This was followed by a fashion show featuring fashions made by a local designer largely from recycled materials – the clothes were very avant-garde! The concert was rounded off by a swing band from Krakow, who played a number of well known songs, and were accompanied by two professional dancers from the Krakow Opera

Company. A very enjoyable evening, made more understandable for us by excellent English

translations before each act. Justin Worringham


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